Its Not All About Me………….

Although it could be argued that this entire Blog is “About Me” I felt it was worth adding a summary…

I have a remarkable wife, two amazing children, an adorable but eaqually naughty Labradoodle puppy, a fantastic job, and some truly fantastic friends. It is my intention to hang onto all of these things as I work through my transition.

My superbly inspirational therapist describes my feminine side as Agoraphobic, for me that diagnosis is far too specific. Actually I’m terrified of everything.

My head is full of poetry from the great romantics especially Coleridge and Shelley.

I would like to think that people view me as  empathetic and compassionate, not just unkempt and strange.

In an attempt to further my understanding of the universe I decided on a two pronged approach. Firstly peering at small chunks of it through a large telescope and secondly spending years  wading through impenetrable books written by ancient Greek Philosophers. It is an ambition to one day write and publish a Philosophical novel…..

Sad films make me cry, ignorance makes me angry and witnessing any sort of kindness makes me want to dance.

Speaking of Dance, I have a passion for Ballet, which fills me with all kinds of joy.  Despite being too old, too fat and too clumsy, spending time at the Barre is just so much fun.

Professionally speaking, I am a trained, and experienced PMP Project Manager, as well as having qualifications in the PRINCE2 discipline. I also have a background in Relational Database Design, Cryptology, C Programming,  and Unix Systems Administration. 

To satisfy the creative soul that dwells within, I previously worked as both a freelance photographer, and a photo journalist which has seen me providing features and articles to the BBC, The West Australian, and numerous Motoring and Motorcycling publications…

So onto my transition….

In what must rank as the most publicised gender transition ever, Caitlyn Jenner has set the bar pretty high.  At last there is an incredibly positive Trans Woman story being well received across the globe. Whilst this is great news for the wider Transgender community,  it’s probably not ideal timing for me.

With my thunder now well and truly stolen, all I can hope is, that as I set off on my own personal journey I am not constantly compared to her. Being unable to match the fabulous Ms. Jenner  in budget, looks, name dropping capability, or the number of Olympic medals hanging on my wall I’m unlikely to make the front cover of Vanity Fair. In actual fact I’m unlikely to make the front cover of anything, and to be honest that suits me just fine…….

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