This time of year means lots of things to lots of people….

I make no secret of my belief that the Christmas Story is a charming tale but rather nonsensical. An enduring popular fable, that is sadly morphed beyond recognition by several centuries of manipulation by well meaning, and self serving, organisations or people. Before you recoil in horror at this concept, have a read for yourself…Even the four Gospels differ wildly in their reports of between how it all went down in Bethlehem 🙂

But that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate the end of a year…..

I’ve successfully completed another full orbit of the Earth. Or maybe I want to mark the Summer / Winter Solstice depending on which hemisphere I happen to be in…

Seriously, this is a great time of year for a Celebration, which is why presumably December 25th was Hi-jacked by the Christians for Christmas…All I’m doing is taking it back.

So Last night we Celebrated, we celebrated with Wine, not just Wine of course there was something like Rocket Fuel in a tiny glass too. There was also good food, and real music, with genuine joy, laughter, and singing, or at least something quite close to singing.

For me the Celebration was truly Magic, because what Christmas means to me, is being with people who share my life, and celebrating wth them the simple Joy of “just being.”

Of course, the beauty of “Just Being,” is magnified when at last, you can cast off so many expectations that don’t belong to you, and let your whole self celebrate. Now that really is Magic, and I want to do it again <3