I haven’t Blogged for quite a while, as some of my regular readers will have noticed, it’s been very quiet here. There is a good reason for this…..

Whilst it is almost certainly the case that my Transition journey will continue for as long as I do, for now I believe I am complete. In fact having stood on the scales recently, I think my restoration work, went a bit overboard, having sorted out the plumbing, and the bats in the belfry, it looks like they added an extension and a garage………

I’ve got a bit of work to do unravelling the emotional, physical and domestic mess I descended into following my redundancy. But this is not transition, this is life. To kick start this process I’ve found a new Personal Trainer who is a boxer, and I think if I don’t keep up with her demands, I may have to learn to dodge the occasional right hook…..

I have slowly adjusted to my new normal. A couple of stints on the local radio , and caving in to pressure for photos recently, has also really boosted my fledgling confidence.

So……..Right now I need to fix up some stuff, and get on with Phase 3… This Blog was always about restoring two of us, Me and the bike, and after a couple of false starts there is a 1956 Triumph in the Shed and it needs way more love than I do 🙂