When transitioning, the analogy of Journey is often used…. The concept of travel is a handy tool to explain lots of things that are not necessarily Geographical in nature… Gender is one of those things.

Thinking back a couple of decades, Jane and I enjoyed some lengthy road trips with a couple of eager young passengers in the rear seats.

Back in the days when we drove a Ferrari, it was nigh on impossible to hold a conversation or hear when the kids were crying or fighting so that was always fun. When we travelled any distance in our old Jaguar we had the added bonus of an inevitable ride home on a Tow Truck.

Sometimes we needed to cover lots of miles, and we always tried to make these longer trips bearable with jokes, stories and games, but it didn’t matter how many times we played “Spot a Purple Porsche” there was always the inevitable question of “Are We There Yet ? “

I’ve stopped counting days, months, and kilometres. But I know we’ve all covered some serious distance in the last few years. It hasn’t always been comfortable, you don’t always get a cosy ride on a trip like this. However it occurred to me the other day whilst Jane and I were talking about a particularly harrowing trip to the Isle of Wight, that nobody has asked me the inevitable question……”Are we there yet ?”

So I am delighted to announce we arrived a little while ago. In fact I’m now unpacked and I’ve been sightseeing for weeks……