I’ve always had a fear of Jelly Fish…As graceful and attractive as they may appear to be in brightly lit coloured pools at Sea Life centres, they just plain freak me out…

So today when Jane and I were taking in the lovely Winter Sunshine and strolling along the beach, I was not particularly happy to see the biggest Jelly Fish I have ever seen, even including the monsters we viewed in a Hong Kong Marine centre. It was just drifting along on the very gentle waves, that were serenely breaking on the shoreline.

We thought at first glance it may have been an Octopus, but the tiny currents turned the gruesome beast over, and exposed his tentacle laden underbelly….

It was about fourteen inches across and bright purple. I think it may have been a Portuguese Man ‘O’ War. Particularly nasty, and especially so close to the beach.

I guess it’s all about balance. We were enjoying a beautiful beach, beautiful weather, crystal clear calm ocean, so a bit of scary marine life is only to be expected. If anyone asks if ” Do You fancy a swim ? ” the answer is “No !!!!” unless my Swimming Costume is a high quality HazMat Suit.

The rest of the walk was concluded under the protection of a nice piece of drift wood I picked up for defensive purposes…If that Jellyfish has plans to evolve into a Land Based Mammal I’m ready….