” WHO” is the rather catchy acronym for the World Health Organisation. The WHO has a fairy broad remit across the United Nations and beyond, I won’t got into it all here, but it’s a massive, and vital organisation….

One of the roles of the WHO is to publish and maintain various medical texts, used across the globe by medical professionals to aid them in diagnosis and treatment. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders or DSM is one of those publications.

For a number of years the DSM has included Transgender identities within its pages, thus classifying Transgender people as suffering from “A Mental Disorder”

In a truly momentous decision, the latest DSM no longer includes Transgender Identities…. In summary the WHO has recognised that this diagnosis is neither appropriate, nor accurate. This decision is supported by a growing body of research that is taking place across the globe. Research that is building an understanding the nature of, and causes of the Transgender condition.

I have experienced complete Gender Incongruence for as along as I can remember. From Five or Six years old, I have learned to cope with the challenges that come with this condition. Early visits to various medical professionals and Psychs back in the days before I became an unruly Teenager didn’t help. My parents were assured it was a Phase, and prescribed Manly Pursuits…..

With an updated DSM, and a world that is vastly different to the world I grew up in I have a real hope now. A hope that in the future, we can deal with these cases not as a Mental Disorder, but as a genuine Medical Condition, that can be treated, and provide a more comfortable long term outlook for the people who are suffering….