This week marks Ten Years since we left the UK to set up home here in Western Australia, which in a roundabout sort of way, means that for roughly one fifth of my Life I have been “Australian”

Conversely this means that four fifths of my life, apart from some fairly epic overseas holidays, were spent back in Blighty. The reality is of course, that despite my Certificate of Citizenship, my Akubra Hat, and my outstanding Sheep Rousting skills, I am still far more British than Australian, and despite my efforts, I probably always will be.

Another way to look at this is, that we are three thousand six hundred and fifty two days into an intensive learning experience that shows no sign of letting up. The amount of ground we have covered in this life long course of Australian integration is more or less equal to the amount of effort we have expended in pursuit of Australian Harmony.

It has not always been easy. Some days we have been utterly Exhausted from the sheer effort involved just from living here. Drained, weary, and uncertain. Somehow I think that is part of the Australian experience.

My own personal Journey towards personal peace is just another facet of this immense undertaking we have embarked upon. When we said our farewells to dear Friends and Family back in May, 2009, it was an immensely poignant moment. It’s a huge cliche, but as we closed the door of our much loved Family Home, another much larger door opened half way round the world.

Aristotle told us that desiring to be friends is the work of seconds. Becoming friends is the work of decades. I know this to be true, after our first visit to this truly amazing place. I wanted to be friends, but The Fruit of Friendship does indeed ripen slowly.

We came for the opportunity. We came to enjoy the the tens of thousands of square miles of unspoilt landscape. We came because we crave new and exciting experiences.

We are staying because after Ten Years of getting settled in we are only just starting to get to grips with the remarkable full frontal assault on the senses, that is Australia….