A casual conversation about getting together for a ride with a friend and her new motorcycle, turned an ordinary weekend, into a most memorable event.

The weather was perfect.

The company was amazing.

And of course this is the South West of Western Australia, so the landscape, was, as ever, Sublime….

The whole occasion was one of those rare moments, when everything just slotted into neatly place, and the right people, were in the right location, at the right time. The end result was a healthy, and very welcome experience of Joy…..

I have found it challenging to fully engage with the Womens Motorcycle Club to which I proudly belong. Not because of the other members, but because of me, and my woeful lack of confidence in their company.

This weekend has provided an enormous and tangible boost to the minuscule levels of confidence that has carried me thus far. A small group of WAWMR Ladies travelled from various places, to join a few rides in Busselton on some of my favourite roads.

I shared with the group, some of the places, routes, and scenery that makes me happy. We rode, we marvelled, and then over Dinner, Breakfast, and Lunchtime Gingerbread we chatted, laughed, and bonded.

Feeling only unquestioning acceptance, and warmth from Ladies I have never met before has propelled me forwards. Anxiety and nerves were rapidly dissolved by sincerity and openness.

This really was a Magic Weekend. But the best bit was what I learned from the people we met, and how much I have grown….

Thank You – <3