It is no secret that I have a fondness for shoes. I am almost certain this is one of the characteristics I passed on to my Daughter, along with a passion for Science Fiction… Once she could walk, SJ needed shoes, and as a result she, and I have spent many happy hours hunting for shoes. At her Wedding almost a year ago SJ was delighted to announce she was wearing Sunshine on her feet, in the form of some stunning Yellow Heels.

On Our first trips to Australia, as soon as we stepped off the plane, SJ would be busy working out, at what point in the next day or so, we could visit the three storey shoe shop in Perth. Sadly that multi storey shoe emporium is no longer there, but it has been replaced by a super abundance of other shoe retail opportunities both in the City, and Online.

The problem I have with all of my favourite shoes is that I’m just not confident enough to wear them. These favourite shoes of mine are really quite “Shouty” such as the Red Heels, and of course the Purple Boots .

Despite the fact I have nice shoes, I’d really rather nobody else noticed πŸ™‚ It turns out that in fact some people do notice. After requesting feedback following a recent interview, the approachable, and apparently friendly HR Lady present at the interview, was only too keen to highlight my sartorial mistakes.

She started with my shoes. Simple Red Flats, which apparently were a frivolous choice for a Government interview. You need serious shoes for a serious job I was assured. The feedback didn’t stop there, but since we are talking shoes I won’t delve further into the horrendous mistakes I made when getting ready for that particular meeting.

What I needed apparently were some “Serious Shoes” and thanks to a gentle nudge from a lovely lady ( Thank You ML) who has done more than her fair share of supporting Suzanne, I found the very shoes…

A little box of Serious Footwear

They arrived this morning, and as far as I can tell. Shoes don’t get much more serious than this πŸ™‚

Are you Serious ? Apparently I am now πŸ™‚

These are some very comfortable shoes, they might not look like it, but I think they are cleverly designed with support, and strategic padding in all the right places.

So suitably equipped with “Serious Shoes” I now need to get serious about actually taking them for a walk somewhere beyond the Front Door….