In late 2008, whilst shopping at an Office supply shop in Cheltenham, I found a Big Red Button on the counter next to the checkout.

As Dr. Who fans know, there is only one thing you can do with a Big Red Button, and that is to push it !!! So, that is exactly what I did… I was rewarded by a slightly tinny electronic voice announcing “That Was Easy”

I purchased the button, and kept it safely….

Between late 2008, and Mid 2009, we had lots to do…We visited family and friends, we wound up jobs and businesses, packed up what was left of our belongings post Flood, and prepared to emigrate.

We then hired some well paid vandals to damage our possessions slightly before wrapping them in brown paper and loading them into a Sea Container. We sold our much loved family home, and late one Sunday afternoon, boarded a plane to Perth with a one way ticket….

Having then driven to Busselton, during which I had a lengthy argument with a Solicitor about our old house, that was apparently missing a dish washer. The hundreds of thousands of dollars in proceeds from the sale could not be released because of a $200 dishwasher. My Solicitor learned some new words, and they were not all Latin…

With the funds released, we found somewhere to live, and some weeks later, had the best fun, unwrapping our possessions, that had finally caught up with us. Whilst I was making a list of the broken and stolen items, Jane made a very welcome cup of tea.

Finally, collapsed on the Sofa after an exhausting couple of months. I pressed the Big Red Button “That Was Easy” it exclaimed….

I’m not sure where the Big Red Button is now. I’m sure we still have it, but it is probably packed somewhere along with super rare Plush Versions of the Seven Dwarves, and 300 kilos of Hot Wheels Cars.

If I could find my Big Red Button, I would press it right now…..In fact, I would flatten my hand, and slam it down decisively on the Big Red Button.

Because……Well, because “That Was Easy” 🙂