At the risk of overusing an analogy, which to be honest, probably happened with my previous post, today I will continue with my Bus stories…. 🙂

The effort I have expended in attempting to catch, and board a bus is beginning to take its toll. I’ve covered around one thousand five hundred kms chasing Buses in the last week alone.

Everything else has gone out of the Window as I relentlessly work to meet the deadlines, and timetables of the various Bus Companies…

Today, once again I am off in pursuit of another Bus, a big one. I will cover another couple of hundred kms and spend a few more nerve wracking hours getting my head in the right place.

The nerve wracking part comes long before I leave home as I agonise over what I should wear. Then there is the anxiety that builds when I consider how the Bus Company is going to respond to a large chunk of human diversity politely requesting a Seat on their lovely Bus.

To be fair, the majority of Companies have been ok. But worryingly, and to be more accurate, depressingly, I have encountered companies, who roll down the shutters, and close up the doors, when presented with real diversity…I say real “Diversity” because a couple of the companies I have encountered challenges with, are household names in this part of the world, and they freely promote their status as embracing diversity. It would seem that what they are doing is embracing the idea of Diversity, when it lands in their reception area, the response is a little more confronting 🙂

I have promised myself I will get round to dealing with this issue one day, not just for me, but the the countless other people, who will follow in these footsteps. But for now, I don’t have the time. I’ve got a Bus to catch <3