Bloody Typical !!! Years ago, when Bus travel was my primary means of transport, there was a common quote amongst the bored, frozen folk, kicking their heels outside a grubby bus shelter, waiting for a two pence ride into the big city….

The Bus Shelter in question is unfortunately indelibly etched into my memory because it was a seriously unpleasant location. Even in sub zero temperatures, with a force ten gale blowing, and freezing rain hitting your face like a thousand needles, you would still prefer to stand outside, because the stench inside was simply unbearable.

Although designed as a Bus Shelter its primary use appeared to be an emergency urinal for the late night boozers staggering home from the local Pub, “The Taddy.”

My Brothers and Dad used to play a game in the Shelter, that involved throwing coins against a wall. I don’t know how it was played because I could never hold my breath long enough to get my head round the rules..

Anyway, back to the Bus Stop Phrase…..It was so common to hear these words at any Bus Stop, that I’m not convinced it wasn’t UK law for someone to sigh heavily and then say.. “Typical ! You wait for ages, then three come at once.”

Well I’ve been waiting here a while now, and sure enough there are two double deckers and a coach coming round the corner. There is definitely one that is going in the right direction, but all three of them have the potential to move me on.

I’m not sure how easy its going to be catching even one of them, missing all three would be a disaster. I’m not going to hold out my hand and hope. I’m going to try and lasso the bastards into submission…