Today is designated “Trans Day Of Visibility….” I’m not celebrating, because I remain convinced that at this time, there is little to celebrate. I will celebrate when we don’t need a Trans Day Of Visibility because each and every one of us is recognised as a person, individual, unique and special, regardless of how we present. 

Right now, I am rewriting my Resume, because I am constantly challenged by potential employers phoning me up, and questioning, how this deep voice can belong to someone called Suzanne…..

More than once an invitation to interview has been rescinded with the realisation that Suzanne is Transgender.

If large portions of my world are not ready for Suzanne, I have to change something. But how does this work ? Do I really need to deconstruct my identity in order to be a contributing member of society ? 

Which is the easier task….Educate the Planet ? Or cut my hair, bind my boobs, strip my nails, bin the Patent Flats, and dig out my Brogues. To Paraphrase Neil Armstrong, One of these options is a small step, the other is a giant leap for Mankind..