Today is “Pride Day” in Busselton. The Main Street will be awash with Rainbow flags, and smiling faces. If last year is anything to go by, many many smiling faces.

Right now, I’m finding it difficult to feel Pride. Large portions of society reject my identity, and even within the LGBTIQ community there are varying degrees of support for Trans people.

I cannot pretend to be proud about a condition I didn’t choose. A condition that renders my existence both uncomfortable and difficult. Based on recent events, where my identity and gender expression has caused very real problems for me, I only feel my old friend, and antithesis of Pride…Shame.

I wasn’t going to take part today. Crushed by Shame, and rejection I could not feel the joy that should come with Pride. But something happened….

Today, I will not be flying Rainbow Flags out of respect for the victims of the horrific events that unfolded yesterday in New Zealand. I can’t begin to imagine the terror that man thrust into the lives of those people.

I do know however that we cannot give in to the forces of the Far Right. The extremists who would seek to wipe diversity from the face of the planet cannot be allowed to feel a quantum of success.

I may not be Proud, but I will be there.