I may be a little deaf, but if I listen carefully, I can hear a whisper. A constant droning voice, and it is coming from all around.

“Fuck Off” it seems to say. Or perhaps “Fuck You.” Softly spoken voices are frequently indistinct to my messed up ears, and as such, are hard for me to hear well.

Sometimes when people have to say things they find difficult, they mumble, or waffle. However when a thousand mumbled voices say the same thing. It tells me a story without having to hear exactly what is said.

The voices may lack clarity, but the message is clear, and it definitely isn’t warm and welcoming.

Many years ago, one of my colleagues used to call me Obi Wan, after the Star Wars character. I think this is mainly because I was older than him, and I dispensed Wisdom that helped keep him on track. But perhaps his fond nickname for me was strangely prophetic.

When the dark forces in a Galaxy far far away decided that Obi Wan and his kind were no longer welcome, he quietly melted away, to live a hermits existence, and he found his place in a mud hut in an inhospitable desert that had spectacular sunsets…..

“Fuck Off -” Says the world. Perhaps I already have, but just not far enough…