I could quite easily make a list of the people I love. This would not be an arduous task at all. There are many people in my life for whom I have the utmost fondness.

I could also make a list of the people for whom I have an almost uncontrollable loathing. That list would be much shorter. Very short in fact.

The sad fact is that I can think of only one individual deserving of that level of distaste. There were almost two on the list. But I’ve removed Nick Goiran (MLC) because although he really wound me up with his hate filled speech in Parliament the other day, he was really only playing political games.

So Happy Valentines….Give the people you Love a huge hug, and remind them why they are special to you.

And if there is anyone on your “Loathing List” maybe give them a hug too. I’m going to give it a go….