So at the conclusion of my hearing today, the Gender Board of WA acknowledged the validity of my challenge. My long standing marriage to Jane is intact, and legally recognised. As a result, there is no obstacle to the WA Government providing me with a Gender Recognition Certificate, which the Gender Board has assured me, I will receive soon.

What this means is, that legally, my Gender Status is confirmed as Female, my Gender Markers at all institutions can now be set to “F” Just like that….There are now Two Mrs. Astons under one roof, and I couldn’t be happier.

The big challenge for me now is put behind me the pervasive feelings of inadequacy. Because if a Doctor, a Politician and a couple of Lawyers are convinced, then I really can stop worrying that I am “not enough”

In other news, the Gender Reassignment Act is likely to change…Things will get much easier for the Transgender community. This is going to happen soon, possibly by the end of the week, depending on how the first reading of the new Act goes tomorrow.

I think I need a glass of fizz…..

Love – Mrs. Suzanne Aston <3