I have spent much of the last month, working through some of the incredibly sophisticated sound design capabilities of my instruments. When I reached video number fifteen of a thirty video course, I realised that one of my Synths has some remarkable creative capabilities, that a cover to cover reading of the handbook, and three months of playing it, had not revealed.

It has been a fascinating learning experience, and a very rewarding way to pass some time. It has reached the point now, that when I hear a piece of music, I begin to contemplate how I could use my Synths to recreate the specific sounds that make up the piece. Not the notes, but the harmonics and tones, that produce what musicians call, the “Timbre” of the sound.

All this Analogue tinkering has led to the the Moog Theremin being currently neglected, in favour of this epic journey of sonic exploration. A situation that I intend to rectify shortly.

Some progress has been made towards “MOOGlight Sonata”, I’ve recorded several minutes of music into my “DAW” (Digital Audio Workstation) and here again there is much learning to be completed. In order to produce a finished track, I need to get my head around the complexities of Logic Pro, which is an enormously capable piece of software for producing music of any kind. It is also just a little bit daunting. The Software now supporting music production, is one area of electronic music that has moved on incredibly rapidly, since the early days of me using “E-Magic” to control my Midi instruments twenty years ago…

So just how many Knobs does one need ?

I guess given the context of this Blog the obvious answer, and cheap joke would be definitely less than one….But for the creation of wonderful electronic music…I want as many knobs as I can get my hands on 🙂