I recently received an email inviting me to have my day in Court…Again…..

It is almost a year to the day, since my first appearance, but I now have a second appointment with the ageing legal dinosaur that is the Gender Board of WA to seek legal recognition of my Gender.

This time I feel the odds are in my favour. I will be challenging the existing, and now completely out of date Gender Reassignment Act of WA, but leveraging the Federal Sex Discrimination law.

Crucially the Federal law on Sex Discrimination contains a section that was repealed at the end of 2018. This change effectively renders it illegal for the Gender Board to refuse to issue me with a Certificate of recognition on the basis of my 27 year marriage to Jane….

I really have no idea how this will play out, but based on my research, my case is watertight. Having said that I thought the same last year…..

I’ll have the answer on the 11th of February….