The wonders of medical science has provided me with a reasonable pair of breasts. I like them, whilst I may secretly wish they were a little “Fuller” I remain immensely grateful they are there, and they are mine, and no scalpels were involved.

Of course, this wasn’t always the case. Whilst I may have had an unusual shaped chest. The source of much bullying at school, there wasn’t much Boobage. Which is why I was so grateful, when at the start of my journey, I was gifted an incredibly realistic, and likely, very expensive pair of prosthetic breasts. I loved them, and I loved Hans, my benefactor for his generous gift.

Hans and I worked together on a project, and it was clear from his perfect makeup, immaculate nail varnish, and bohemian style, this was someone I could relate too. I shared with Hans my story, he listened, smiled, and shared some of his own ideas around Gender and self expression. We got on well, and over the years we worked together became good friends.

Hans had a robust sense of humour and was always keen to provide a little bit of a shock. When dining with Hans at his house in Perth he produced a pair of the most extreme High Heeled shoes I have ever seen…He kept them in his living room and encouraged all visitors to his place to try them on, Man or Woman, you had to have a go in the shoes….

Like myself, Hans left the Bank when his role was declared redundant. After a lengthy search he finally found work, back in Europe. He left Perth, and relocated, closer to his family, and his roots.

We stayed in touch, and Hans often shared his ideas for articles, and creative writing with me, before he published them on LinkedIn. Hans was intelligent, and thoughtful, his writing often taking me to unexpected places when I read it.

Today, I am coming to terms with the fact that my friend, and Boob Benefactor is no longer with us. His big heart and generous spirit have moved on, and I sincerely hope that he or perhaps, she, has found some peace.

So through the subtle blurry, soft focus effect that comes with the gentle pooling of tears in my eyes, I am writing this to send positive thoughts and sincere condolences to Han’s family and partner, and the others who knew him well.

From me, one last very personal message.

Thanks for the Boobs Hans.