The Christmas and the Festive period raced past in a blur of visits, meals, and presents..It was positive, upbeat, and fun.

My long planned Theremin performance of Christmas music didn’t happen, but I was busy with so many other little projects.

On the subject of Music, Jane and I met with up with a new friend (SB), who shares my passion for Analogue Synthesis and electronic music late last week. We spent a fascinating afternoon together, and made some amazing music with a remarkable device that turns electric signals from plant leaves, into MIDI data, that can then be used to drive an instrument. With the device plugged into the Arturia Brute, things got a little bit wild and wacky, but it as great fun

SB is working on recording a compilation of original music created by Transgender people from WA, and we are going to collaborate. I better finish Mooglight Sonata quickly…

From a personal perspective I may have struggled at various points through the last year, but we on reflection, we are doing ok. There are some further challenges to face into, but I am ready…

My only resolution is to maintain resolve for whatever it is I need to do…..

With 2018 out of the way I have to acknowledge, that I know my blog is not always easy reading, and I am aware, that my ideas and thoughts may not always be popular.

Warts and all this is my journey, and by capturing these moments, it is always my intention to grow, and develop.

So to all my readers….
Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, thanks for supporting, and Happy New Year <3