How to celebrate, or if you wish, ignore Christmas, is a very personal choice. Over the years, certain traditions, and routines have grown out of our particular brand of festive celebrations….

As a result here at the Frog and Bromide, for us at least, it was a very, very traditional Christmas.

With Breakfast out of the way, and the shared experience of opening gifts complete, we settled down to do our own thing…

Despite being militantly atheist, I filled the house with the sound of Christmas Carols, performed by a magnificent choir, and recorded in St. Pauls Cathedral. The music was festive, and joyous. I don’t feel at all hypocritical. There is a lifelong association between Carols, and Christmas, that for me, started with compulsory religious services in school. This early introduction has developed into a an enthusiasm for listening to Hymns, performed by large scale choirs, and support by enormous pipe organs. Religious music can be very uplifting once you seperate the well crafted music from the Dogma…

Young Will was horizontal in front of the television playing Nintendo games. It was like he had been there for 20 years 🙂 The only real differences between 1998 and 2018 is that he had a nasty cough, and he was drinking Port.

Jane, was sat quietly, working through a book published by the London Times, on how to solve Cryptic Crossword Puzzles, whilst simultaneously trying to solve a Crossword Puzzle.

There is usually only one place to look for me on Christmas Day, and that is at the Dining Table, where as usual, I was surrounded by Lego bricks, and completely absorbed putting together a technical set.

For this household at least, the festive season doesn’t end with Bedtime on Christmas Day, we have a Birthday to celebrate, and a New Year to embrace.

With this in mind, I sincerely wish you a very Happy, and most Splendid 2019…<3