The notion that “Pink is for Girls” is a bit of a contentious issue. Scholarly articles point towards a complete reversal of the notion of Pink and Blue as Masculine and Feminine colours sometime around the Victorian era, or perhaps a little later. The current situation, where certain colours are strongly associated with Gender is a fairly recent development….

What is important, is that on this point, I really don’t care, what academia says. I Love Pink 🙂

When it comes to restoring the paint on ‘Penelope’ my 1956 Triumph, she will be Pink. Of course she is nowhere near as close to completion as she should be, but the future paint job is at least well understood.

The Triumph project is going to run for a little longer. So in the meantime I think I’m going to have to bring little more Pink into my life….

I don’t know whether to start with Shoes, Tee Shirts, Lipstick, or 1200cc American Vee Twins, I will be looking at all options. Watch this space <3