Question – Why do we have Mens and Womens divisions in sport ?
The answer is of course obvious, because the physiological differences render this a fairer way to approach competitive sport.

It’s not just about size and muscles, there are numerous factors that provide a Male athlete with several advantages over Female athletes in certain sports, especially those requiring, speed, and strength. The reverse is also true for some parameters where Female athletes have a biological advantage over a Male competitor. Bone Length is an interesting example. The longer bones of a Male Athlete, provide more leverage, and a larger frame upon which muscle develops. This is just one example, and an important one, because no amount of hormones will change the length of limbs in either direction.

Why am I saying this, it’s because I believe we have much work to do, to understand how we integrate Transgender people into competitive sport. Another well respected Cis Gender Athlete has recently been pilloried for stating the same fact, and it really hurts to read.

This matters to me…Not because I am an Athlete, but because the last thing we in the Transgender community need is anymore negative press. Just as an FYI, the closest I have ever got to athletic sport is Archery, and I enjoyed some success. However there is a vast difference between shooting a few arrows, and competing in World Class Athletics such as Tennis or Cycling…
The community needs to settle down and work this out in a fair and equitable fashion. Hurling abuse and threats all over is not helping anyone. We are different, unavoidably so.

The world has come along way in accepting Transgender people. We still have a way to go, and as far as sports go, I don’t know what the answer is, but I am sure the solution will not come from exchanging insults and hatred.