Heliophobia is a fear of the Sun…Whilst this may go some way to describing my condition, I don’t think its quite the same as the dread I feel December, through to February, and possibly even March.

I’m not strictly speaking scared of the Sun, its ninety three million miles away and that is not likely to change anytime soon. It’s also occasionally quite pretty. Indeed when the Sun coming up and going down, far from fear, it fills me with inspiration and joy.

What I am scared of is the stifling, intense, searing, flesh sizzling heat that comes with it. There are some people I know who don’t start to feel warm until the temperature hits 35 degrees C. Which incidentally is about the same temperature that sees me cowering beneath the air-conditioning vents and checking my calendar to see how much longer its going to feel dangerous to venture outside.

Going out involves preparation. Much like a steak, getting ready for a BBQ. Travelling further for those of us on two wheels is even more daunting.  Motorcyling in Australian Summer is a stinky affair, there is no two ways about it. I’ve got a BMW Jacket that promises year round comfort, but I suspect that is based on German weather not Australian..

Today, as is traditional at this time of year I ventured into the Roof Space to retrieve our Festive Decorations..Shit it was hot up there. The Christian Church have been debating the existence of Hell for a number of years. I can save them the bother. It’s temporarily located in my Attic.

So here we are December 14th and Summer feels like its arrived in WA. If you want me I will be in the fridge waiting for Autumn. Give my regards to the Sun please…