I think perhaps I am Tired….

Tomorrow is another 400km round trip interspersed by a battle of wits with a large ugly beast with many arms, frantically waving in multiple directions and threatening to cause chaos and mayhem. I’m not convinced I am anywhere close to  winning the battle, and trying to constrain the beast is sapping my energy and leaving me exhausted, miserable and confused. 

The kind of Tired I am is not the yawning, stretching and nodding off in a cosy chair on a lazy weekend afternoon sort of Tired….. It’s an oppressive heavy Tired. I feel the Tiredness as a huge weight tugging at my limbs, and clogging my thoughts with fog and cold treacle. The end result is that getting myself moving is  hard, and thinking clearly even harder.  

The festive season is approaching, and I will take that opportunity to secure some much needed rest. Long evenings with Jane, with Moogs, Music, and Lego are top of the list. Hopefully followed by some nice walks with my two best friends….

In the meantime, I will strive to contain the manic beast with logic, reason and if I can find the opportunity, the occasional  hefty kick in the shins that this beast needs to reign it in.