Different people have different ways of initiating communication…

The Gentleman I spoke to yesterday, indicated his willingness to enter into a dialogue with lots of sparkly lights. My initial assumption, made as a law abiding citizen, was to believe he was desperate to talk to somebody else, so I slowed a little and moved to the left to allow him to pass….It was at this moment, that I realised that I was the subject of his current investigations. He matched my speed and added a few more sparkly lights for good measure.

To be fair, he did have a point.I was whizzing along, largely oblivious to the fact that I was well over the posted speed limit. When he pointed the speed gun at me out of the passenger window I didn’t even roll off the throttle…So convinced was I that there could be no earthly reason for me to worry about him puling me over, I just kept going.

This is worrying. I’m covering a vast amount of distance on my motorcycle every week . Close to 1500 kms every seven days is not out of the ordinary, and it seems this regime has had a profound impact on me. Routinely riding above the limit has become so normal, I really was surprised that I was being “Busted.”

I’ve got some serious work to do. My licence will not survive being clobbered by two Speeding Tickets a week, which is the rather alarmingly the rate I have achieved this week….The other ticket was issued by a hidden camera, the fine arrived in the Post bearing the ominous OHMS post mark…

I’m going to sit myself down and give myself a serious lecture.

Once I’ve finished that lecture I’m going to quietly apologise to all those people that I have silently chastised for misgendering me. You are right. I’m a fucking disgrace, and I will no longer be surprised by the Random “Sirs” or “hims” that are used to describe me. I’ve seen the pictures, so I know you are right.

If you want me, I’m beneath the weighted blanket looking for a way to stay there indefinitely.