This weekend, I have been repairing  and rebuilding one of  Dr. Moogs instruments. The damage was a broken shaft on one of the many knobs controlling the various parameters.  It annoyed me, and needed replacing.

Beneath the exterior panels of any synthesiser, is a wealth of electronic complexity. These instruments are incredibly sophisticated devices, containing thousands of components all working together to satisfy the desires of the musician playing the keyboard. It took a while to steadily peel away the various layers of this Synth  to get to the broken component, that was housed deep inside the case.

Whilst I was assembling my instrument after replacing the broken shaft, it occurred to me that it is highly likely that the synth would still operate even if one or two, or possibly more of these myriad of  components were not working. It may display some odd behaviour, but it would still function, it may even potentially display some favourable characteristics….

The Human Brain is an infinitely more complex system than a Monophonic Synth, and stored in shell that is considerably more fragile than the cases of Moog synths, that are famously built like Tanks. It therefore stands to reason that a Human Brain that has been bashed, dropped, kicked, shaken, vibrated, hurled around a bit,  and probably on occasion been mildly poisoned, it could well have one or two dodgy components. 

My Brain fits the above description perfectly. In addition to all of the physical drama its been through, I’m also asking my brain  to deal with a major shift in hormonal chemistry. There never was a huge amount of Testosterone up there, but adding a touch of Estrogen has introduced a little hormonal chaos. It is therefore, no surprise to me  that from time to time I am plunged into an abyss of despair. Much like I felt yesterday and today, to a greater extent. I also may well display some odd behaviour, but I am still working hard to function. I may even potentially display some favourable characteristics. So no, I’m not about to take a soldering iron to my Amygdala because I think for all my overworked Grey Matter has been through, it really is doing ok.