One of my favourite Monty Python sketches relates the story of a rather dull Accountant who visits a “Vocational Guidance Counsellor” for some career advice. 

Mr. Pewtey the Accountant tells the Counsellor that his current role is unfulfilling and lacks excitement, and what he really wants to do is to give up book keeping and become a Lion Tamer. It turns out his only qualification for this radical change in direction, is that he has a hat…. A nice hat, “That has Lion Tamer in Neon Letters…”

The sketch is dated, but still funny, and perhaps not as absurd as the Pythons would have us believe. Arthur Pewtey was simply expressing a desire to work in a role he thought he would be able to take pleasure from. The concept of Work as something to be enjoyed, rather than endured is a very new idea. 

Do you enjoy or endure your job ? Is there a direct relationship between your enjoyment and your  remuneration, or does true satisfaction go way beyond a commercial agreement between Employer and Employee. One of the most gratifying jobs I ever did was as a volunteer, cooking for people who had not eaten a hot meal for a week. It was a simple transaction, I provided Time, Ingredients, the occasional cigarette,  and a heap of effort. They provided gratitude and smiles

As part of my current journey I get to spend some time with a 21st Century Vocational Guidance Counsellor. I am delighted to be given the opportunity to take a long hard practical look at my options…

Where do I go from here……Write a book ? Read a book ? Flip a Burger ? Build a business ?  I’m tempted to tell my Vocational Guidance Counsellor that  I want to be a Test Pilot for the next generation of Fighter Aircraft, not only do I already know how to fly, but I also have a fantastic Hat….