One of the characteristics of our amazing brains is their ability to constantly seek out patterns. We are perpetually and  subconsciously processing our experiences. The complex processes in our minds look for potential patterns, or signs,  that may mean something, that may mean anything.  This is a highly developed survival mechanism, that has doubtless aided our survival and flourishing for thousands of years, but occasionally our minds encounter something that triggers a response that extends way beyond survival. When our fertile minds stumble into something like this our consciousness tries to make sense of it…

SJ and I had driven the relatively short distance from the Hotel to the Wedding Venue, we were late, but not desperately so, and we enjoyed light hearted conversation and a few nervous giggles. It was a slightly surreal situation, I was sat next to SJ looking absolutely  stunning in her Wedding Dress, and driving through unfamiliar territory towards an event that I was incredibly nervous about.

The weather was Hot, really Hot, and unexpectedly so, I was also anxious, my temperature was increasing, to the extent that the normally efficient air conditioning in the car was actually struggling to keep the interior cool.

We found our way to the parking spot, just a few paces away from the “Aisle” we were to walk down. There was some busyness around final adjustments to  SJ’s beautiful dress, and a very brief briefing for both of us from the Wedding Celebrant, and then a moment of quiet..

I experienced a stillness that brought with it an air of desperately needed calm. I’ve been walking for more than 50 years, but I didn’t want to get this distinguished stroll up the Aisle wrong. Even with a bloodstream full of Beta Blockers my pulse was still racing. 

The music that heralded the arrival of the Bride started, a beautiful Piano piece, that was just perfect for that instant.

In that moment, something magical happened….

We were stood still, frozen in fact, despite the intense heat… We were waiting for the signal to begin walking, when the most beautiful Butterfly I have ever seen, began to circle SJ and I.  An unusually large Butterfly, it’s wings resplendent  in intense, bright colours. It circled us  twice, and then traced the route, along the path we were to follow. Turning right through the gate, then straight down the Aisle. I was distracted, mesmerised and deeply moved. It really was the most beautiful experience.

Butterflies have long held a special significance for me. So much so that I had one embroidered on the back of my denim jacket when I was a Teenager. For me, this was not just the Logo of a favourite Band, This was a symbol of immense change and complete transformation. 

In the days and weeks previously, a caterpillar had dissolved itself in its own bodily fluids. Everything that happened to that remarkable creature in that time before the morning of the May 11th led to it fluttering gently past a beautiful Bride and her Nervous “Parent”  before it showed us the way down the Aisle and onwards to a new chapter.

I saw a beautiful thing, and the rich experiences of my life, processed that magical sight  through my mostly misunderstood mind, and then it offered an explanation.

“The Universe had sent me a message that it knew I would understand, that it knew I would pay attention to. This is a change, its a beautiful moment, follow me, it’s going to be ok.”