Arthur Schopenhauer (Yes him again) tells us, in one of his books, “The work of genius may be music, philosophy, painting, or poetry; it is nothing for use or profit. To be useless and unprofitable is one of the characteristics of genius; it is their patent of nobility.”

Now I am not for one minute going to suggest that I am a Genius, however I am feeling somewhat useless and unprofitable, so I have at least managed to secure a couple of the qualifying characteristics of Genius, so there is hope for me yet.

Speaking of Hope, I have to admit, that recent events have served to remind me of the true Meaning Of Life…For the avoidance of doubt, lets clear this up now…

There is no single Meaning Of Life. 

My personal belief is that Existence comes with a responsibility, and that responsibility is to define for ourselves the purpose of our life. There is no sense to be made of anything in a Universe that for the most part consists of ongoing chains of random events that you will begin to experience when you are born, and will cease to experience when you die. The only way to find meaning, is to define it yourself. Step outside of what you believe, or what society tells you is possible and act on the freedom that comes with your life…..Embrace the concept of a chaotic, random Universe, and define for yourself the nature of your Life. Suffering and Death are inevitable, but so are the endless possibilities that stem from not accepting limitations from wherever they originate, and that is Genius…..