There is clearly a difference between what I see when I look in the mirror, or at a Photograph, and what other people see when they look.

But I can think of one common thread that runs through both interpretations of me…Authenticity.

I lived for many years in a kind of dual existence. Suzanne is not new, She is now, and always has been me, and I her.

Transitioning means I was able to  liberate a certain authenticity. Regardless of what people see, I am living as my most authentic self, and that is so important.

I took the challenging  step to share a deep secret with the world and I became vulnerable. But to do so was so vital. Oscar Wilde pointed out very succinctly, “He who lives more lives than one, more deaths than one must die.” 

Not everyone will agree with my journey, but that does not mean I should not live it, talk about it, or share it. I remain vulnerable, I have become so as a result of sharing my truth. I have also become real. The vulnerability will remain, but as a person I have grown, I have developed and I continue to do so.

Will it matter what I wear to the Wedding ? Will it matter if it is  shoes or boots ? I don’t think so ! Because what is really important is what is in my heart, not on my feet or wrapped around my body. What is in my heart is boundless Love for my family and a wish for real harmony.  When I speak on Friday it will be from the Heart and it will be Authentic.

To wind up this post, I will finish with a Philosophical Quote,  from the German Sage Arthur Schopenhauer  – 

“If I maintain my silence about my secret it is my prisoner…if I let it slip from my tongue, I am ITS prisoner.”