For those of you who are unaware, the entire voting age population of Australia is being surveyed at the moment. This simple survey has a just one question, and it is aimed at establishing if Same Sex Marriage has the broad support of the Nation…

This survey, is in my opinion a simply humongous waste of money….Around $121,000,000 to conduct a non binding survey, the outcomes of which may not be used by the Government to amend the law to allow Same Sex couples the same rights to Marriage as Hetrosexual couples.

There has been some campaigning from both sides of the argument, and as a result I’ve seen and read some pretty hurtful stuff over the last few weeks. Much of the “NO” campaigning has been working on Fear, and is for the most part ill informed garbage.

Unable to resist I have waded into one or two discussions on the topic, and the other day in one particularly heated exchange I experienced an opinion that was so crystal clear, so perfect in its execution,  I was forced  to change my mind. It hurts to admit, but I really did have a moment where I realised just how wrong I have been….

“Back off you Tubby Bitch”  Was the message, and it instantly changed my mind.

I’m no longer putting it off, and on Monday I start seeing a Personal Trainer again.

Oh, and Vote Yes. Also Hide the Chocolate, and if you see me eating a packet of Chips you have my full permission to slap me.