I am still getting out there on my push bike. Progress is slow, especially when the wind picks up, but I am doggedly sticking with it….

The pain hasn’t eased, and in particular my thighs are more or less constantly hurting now. This I will take as a sign of progress. In reality the constant throbbing is  probably a sign of impending muscle destruction, but I’m trying hard to be much more positive these days.

Its been quite a few weeks now since I purchased the bike,  and there are minuscule advances in my pace, but I’m not convinced that  my fitness or stamina is improving, and the pace improvements could just be a tail wind….

As I have noted before, physical activity is supposed to work wonders for mental health, and there are  improvements. I’m still hitting the odd day here and there where the Darkness returns with its usual intensity and I am compelled to fight the crushing despair, but hopefully the frequency is reducing..

In other news later this week I’m scheduled to have another makeup lesson. That I am looking forwards too……Possibly.

Makeup  is something of a paradox for me. I am both captivated by it,  and keen to embrace it, yet it frustrates me immensely. I see the amazing results people achieve and the remarkable breadth of looks that can be produced, but somehow no matter how many you tube tutorials I view, for me the end result is always a cross between Lilly Savage and Krusty the Clown.

Having learned from almost all experts that the key to good results is a really high quality set of brushes I can now report that a significant amount of skill is also required. With the best brushes that money can buy the only improvements  I managed was to make more of a mess, much faster. I was also assured that practice was essential, and so practice I did. To be fair with a practice, I did find it much easier to make the same mistakes, but apart from that progress was non existent.

One final point for today is that overall I really do feel that my confidence has hit new elevated levels, the depressions are shorter, the recovery quicker and my desire to keep pushing the boundaries is returning…