After a solid three weeks of regular rides  on my new push bike(s), I now feel like I am at the beginning of a new chapter in my quest for fitness and health.

I would love to say it is getting easier to put on my cycling helmet and climb onto the torture instrument that is my saddle, but it isn’t. The rapidly decreasing temperatures and prospect of further pain in my already tender derriere provide mental hurdles for me to leap before I find myself thundering down the cycle paths of Busselton. That I am constantly  being overtaken by Senior Citizens in there mobility cars and small children on scooters is also somewhat challenging for my motivation.

I’m also still Fat. In my mind, after the last three weeks of agony, sweat and arse related discomfort I should surely be a size 10 by now, or at least a small size 12….

It seems its going to take much longer to undo the decades of neglect, and to be honest, I’m ok with that. Its only fair…..

I am assured by a seasoned cyclist friend that my pace and stamina will improve. He also shared with me a real world story that provided remarkable motivation drawing a parallel between our shared starting point.  I was inspired to learn how he went from a breathless 15km ride that finished him completely, to riding 500km in 5 days. So far I have covered close to 200km since purchasing the bike(s) so there is still a way to go, but I’m fully intending to be 1/6th Iron in 12 Months Time (i.e. taking part in a half Iron Man as part of a 3 person team…..1/2 Iron * 3 = 1/6th 🙂 ) 


There also appear to be fringe benefits. This week I spent two days in the Perth office, and received more compliments on my appearance in those two days, than in the last 50 years combined. Some how when a Hardened True Blue,Bush Bashing, Aussie Bloke tells me I look “nice” the compliment takes on the mantle of an Oscar win.

I don’t want to look back at where I have come from because the darkness still looks worryingly close, and cycling at my speed its going to take a little longer to put some distance between me and it.

Cured ? No, I don’t think so, but more Cured than I have been for many years and I’m “Bloody Loving It”