Today was probably not the ideal day to start the arduous task of removing the ancient paint from the Fuel Tank of the Project Triumph Penelope.

It was hot and humid,  and  I have been battling a lack of proper sleep. The last week has been a struggle to not only get out of bed, but to stay upright once I have managed to crawl out from beneath the sheets. Knowing that stripping the Fuel Tank back to bare metal is going to be a long, grubby task didn’t fill me with motivation. 

However I promised myself, and Jane that I would stay  positive, and keep working towards some of the goals I have set myself, so I tied back my hair, pulled up the proverbial big girl panties and headed out to the shed.

It occurred to me as the layers and layers of ancient paint started to bubble and lift that the Twin Restoration analogy is still very relevant. I am working my way through removing layers of paint that really do not  belong on the bike, I’m working to get back to bare metal, where I can start again.

Like the bike I have many layers of redundant coverings to peel away to get back to the bare me underneath, and like the slow, fiddly work today in the harsh Sun and humid heat, its really hard work. The beauty of this is, that when I make the effort, the layers begin to fall away and the progress is visible for all to see.