First of all the important stuff…..

Yes my Nails are still intact… 🙂

Now, onto some Twin Restoration type news…..

Today I found out with a reasonable degree of certainty that our 1962 / 1956 Hybrid Triumph Motorcycle that I thought was a Bonneville actually started life as a Kingfisher Blue and Silver Sheen, Triumph Tiger T110.

She left the Meriden factory on the 21st of June 1962 and headed straight to Australia.

The years that followed clearly saw significant change for the lovely Penelope, as the bike that landed in my Garage 18 months or so ago, bears little resemblance to a 1962 Tiger….

So Penelope is five years older than I am, and she has lived in Australia a lot longer, I am pretty sure however we both have some fairly wild stories to tell about those interim years, and obviously we have both changed quite considerably since we left the UK.

Its not an easy thing for me to admit,  but we also both need a little more TLC to get us looking our best, and operating as we should. Over the last few days inspiration to fix this has slowly been returning.

Penelope is now a work in progress, and after far too long sat on my rapidly expanding behind, so am I.

Lots of years ago, I remember seeing a work place motivational sign that had a big impact. I don’t normally pay these sort of things too  much heed. Large Scale Poster Pictures of leaping Whales or similar, with inspirational text usually has the reverse effect on me. But this was different. There was no pretty picture (Well it was a  Military Establishment)  just the words….

“What Gets Measured Gets Done”

I need to measure my progress, and with this in mind I have booked a professional photoshoot for my 50th Birthday. Yes, I hate having my photo taken, so I have around a month to get used to the idea. Its not going to be easy, and the snapper has her work cut out, but It should be a great opportunity to mark the first Anniversary of my full time transition and to take stock of how far I have come. Progress is about to be measured, and therefore progress will surely follow.