I have over the last few weeks flirted with the idea of selling the old Triumph.

This went as far as advertising her on Gumtree, which on reflection was a really bad idea. Had my intention been to make new friends and meet new people, the advert could be considered a resounding success. There is nothing like an old Trumpy to get people chatting to you.

It wasn’t all wonderful however, the advert also facilitated delivery into both my inbox, and my ear drums all manner of motorcycling gibberish from well meaning chumps who wondered for example, “If had the original frame, seat and tank to sell with the bike, because that would be so much nicer……”

The advert has now been pulled….

My enthusiasm is still there, but I worry constantly. I have almost no confidence in my ability to put together a nice machine. Purdey the Cafe Racer came out really nicely, but that was before 14 months of mind bending hormones…..Whilst this is not a particularly rare, or noteworthy example of the Triumph Marque, I still feel I owe it to the machine and to the future custodians of this 60 year old  gem, to treat her to a sympathetic and careful makeover, and I worry I am not the lady for the job.

Twin Restoration is what I started however, and Twin Restoration is what I will finish. Tomorrow I am hoping to get lots of solid advice from an experienced Motorcycle restoration guru, who recently finished a stunning project using a similar motor.

For those of you more interested in the progress I am making personally, you may want to skip the next couple of posts, they could be more far more  oily than usual.

Suzanne is going to start twirling the spanners, I may not be fully fixed myself, but Penelope deserves some attention and I’m going to make sure she gets it.