A couple of months ago, I wrote about how challenging I found volunteering as a photographer during an evening function my employer hosted for high performing colleagues….. (Read This post)

This weekend, I spent all day Saturday armed with a couple of cameras,  and rubbed shoulders with about 2500 people as they poured in, through, and out of a vast new Motorcycle Dealership.

I had been asked to cover the opening of a brand new Indian store in Perth and was happy to oblige. Motorcycles, Photography, and the promise of a glass of Red Wine in the evening with some live music thrown in sounded like the perfect day…

I duly agreed and then of course began to wish I hadn’t. It became obvious the scale of the event would dwarf anything I had tackled recently, this was going to be huge.

Saturday morning started well. Joining the very talented Shane Jacobson for breakfast, and then squeezing into a car with him and couple of other journalists made for one of the most memorable, uncomfortable,  and humorous Taxi rides I think I will ever take.

The scheduled opening was at 08:30. When we arrived I was staggered at the volumes of people who were all ready queuing outside, or wandering through the display of vintage Indian Motorcycles in the Car Park. The opportunity to win a Brand New Indian Scout was clearly a very effective ploy to drive up attendance.

Inside the store, there was a real buzz, a large number of Indian and Victory staff had been flown into Perth to support the event and everyone was busily preparing.

Enthusiasm for the event was not dampened by the grey and slightly stormy weather, and people continued to arrive in ever larger numbers.

Compared to the employers event, I found it much easier to engage with the people I was photographing. I found my self asking complete strangers to pose, and was quickly setting up shots without feeling unduly nervous about approaching people. It just happened, and I was delighted.  The anxiety was still there, but it was easier to ignore somehow.

The conditions in the store were hot and humid as the crowd swelled considerably, and  there was more than a little “glistening” going on around my forehead 🙂

The opportunity to photograph a couple of Australian Legends was a real highlight, and snapping away whilst Ian Moss performed was a real joy.

There were so many memorable moments over the weekend that it will be impossible to cover them all, but the bottom line is, it marks more progress, more confidence, and proof of my resourcefulness.

Resourcefulness, because I was able to finish the job, despite leaving  a large chunk of my usual equipment and important medication,  sat on my Desk in Busselton. Friday afternoon was filled with hasty shopping and sincere pleading with friendly chemists.

To keep the post positive I won’t share the language I used  following the realisation of my forgetfulness as I unpacked the car at the Hotel, but the job got done, and the post event Vino, was just perfect……..dsc08254