I am just back from my first tentative steps at training for the City to Surf 12km Run.

Superbly supported by a big hearted athlete, I notched up around 4.5 kms, moving  at what I am going to say was  a blistering pace. Blistering because thats what I now have on one of my heels.

Any thoughts of chopping wood and lighting the fire have gone out of the window. If Jane needs to keep warm, she can sit me in the middle of the room and hold her hands in front of my face, which is both redder, and hotter than a stove full of  burning Jarrah.

So 4.5 kms is around a third of the distance. I sure City to Surf is a single day event, so running 4 kms a day is not going to cut it….I’m looking for  66% increase by the end of the week…

Thanks CT, your help was invaluable. I need the motivation, almost as much as I need the exercise !!! x

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Now to tuck into the congratulatory cakes 🙂