A couple of regular readers of my blog have asked me to post pictures of myself.

For me, the disparity between the internal model of myself, and my actual appearance is so huge, it causes significant discomfort. A daily challenge I face, is that looking in the mirror or spotting my reflection is like being smacked in the head with a cricket bat ?

Unfortunately I am not dependent on my imagination to draw this analogy. Those of you who know me well, may well have noticed some scaring under my eye. The scar is  courtesy of full size Slazenger, and a family member helping me to see the errors of my ways.

Given that you hopefully now understand quite how low my self esteem is, I am hoping that the painting above will do for now…..

The artist responsible for this work, Nicolette, is currently working on a visual arts qualification and asked for volunteers for her project on Gender Expression.  Nicolette has done a fantastic job with this impressionist style work and I am looking forwards to a discussion with her on the interesting choice of colours.