If I work on the assumption that my aspiration to transition will become a reality, then at some point, those people who know me, will need to be cushioned from the shock of seeing me for the first time as a woman.

It really would be best if the first time they lay eyes on my truth, they don’t jump to the conclusion I am heading off to a Fancy Dress party, or taking part in a fund raising jape, and I am wandering round in a dress to raise cash for Telethon or something similar.

For many people  this cushioning process is going to be a difficult conversation to initiate. Introducing them to the concept that the mostly scruffy,  motorcycle obsessed and slightly eccentric “Timbo” has struggled to cope living as the person they know and possibly in some cases like, will be a challenge. I have already accepted that some will reject my truth as false and be unable to accept the alternative physical manifestation it is my intention to present.

Sharing doesn’t feel like caring. It feels like exposing an ugly surgical wound to a squeamish friend and reminding them this is how they will see me from now on.

If I haven’t told you my truth, its because I really care, not because I really don’t.